On-Demand Webinar - Enabling a Scalable & Growth Focused Logistics Transformation

Don't miss this special event with ACCO Brands, SAP, and ArchLynk (Novigo).
This is a unique opportunity not only to see SAP’s vision and learn more about their digital supply chain capabilities but more importantly, to hear from actual SAP users on how they realized the true strategic value of SAP's transportation management platform.

We will begin with thought leadership and innovations in the supply chain, then attendees will have the opportunity to hear from ACCO Brands CIO, Stephen Byers about their Transportation Management journey moving from a legacy TMS to SAP TM. There will then be an open Q&A session where attendees can ask questions to the practitioners and experts alike.


Stephen Byers
Chief Information Officer
ACCO Brands
Cam Patters
Dir. Global Logistics
Garrett Cry
Sr. SCM/TM Consultant
Gautam Kundra
Sr. Consulting Manager 
Bimal Subhakumar

Bimal Subhakumar

Sr. Consulting Manager 

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