On-Demand Webinar - Assess & Achieve ROI Through FTA Qualification Using SAP Global Trade Services Edition for HANA 2023

If you’re grappling with the best approach to manage free trade agreements currently, you’re not alone. In this webinar, we have walked through the difficulties that companies are having with managing free trade agreements and covered how 2023 SAP Global Trade Services Edition for HANA can be used with existing SAP instances to help support this process.

Learn About?

  • Best practices for handling free trade agreements with SAP GTS
  • How GTS can complement other SAP solutions to become greater than the sum of its parts
  • Learn about cost savings a company can achieve with a global standardized FTA solution from SAP
  • How an assessment can identify areas of improvement in process, savings, and future growth 
Speakers  - Assess & Achieve ROI through FTA Qualification Using SAP GTS Edition for HANA 2023

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