On Demand Webinar - A Global Automotive Company Improves Visibility by Integrating SAP GTS to Various Non-SAP Systems

An automotive company is the largest car making company in the world and is headquartered in Japan. They produce all varieties of cars & trucks and distribute to worldwide dealers. They have one of the biggest manufacturing & assembling facilities in North America and various suppliers from Mexico and Canada. Today they manage their processes which they are proud of, from the last 30 years in various different systems however for the Trade department it becomes a disintegrated process and rely heavily on Brokers to manage their Trade data flow and filing with the US customs. Much of the information is exchanged in a paper copy to the Brokers and retained at the Broker premises.

To stay competitive, a company requires a top-line solution to manage their global trade. Their vision is to improve visibility of their trade lanes, streamline their upstream processes, and reduce heavy brokerage fees and they needed a top solution provider. ArchLynk is helping them

(1) Discover & unearth their different processes
(2) Identifying the different source systems
(3) Help streamlining the upstream system with change request and
(4) Deploy SAP GTS and integrate it into their non-SAP feeder systems.

Find out more in this informative case study session.

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