Supply Chain Visibility - Discovery Workshop

Supply Chain Visibility is the ability to track and trace the movement of goods (raw materials or finished products) across the supply chain from suppliers to shippers to the end customer. It gives a business the needed transparency to know where their shipments are and the expected time of arrival. This information is critical to companies to optimize supply chain performance and a necessity to build resilient supply chain networks. 

With predictive supply chain intelligence, businesses make efficient use of visibility data and insights to prepare for unexpected challenges, optimize resources, and reduce costs.

 Why do you need Supply Chain Visibility?

Your business needs Supply Chain Visibility solutions to:
  • Better control and monitor supply chain
  • Address logistics complexities 
  • Mitigate risks and prepare for the unforeseen events that can affect your supply chain performance
  • Deliver an exceptional customer experience

How can Novigo help with Supply Chain Visibility?

  • Novigo, a global implementation partner for SAP Digital Supply Chain Solutions, has partnered with leading visibility solution providers in the industry to widen the adoption of ocean visibility solutions among SAP clientele
  • These partnerships position their solutions adjacent to core systems such as SAP Transportation Management and SAP Logistics Business Network
  • Learn more about our innovation; Smart Track App, a FIORI-based app that functions as a Supply Chain Event Management Solution and addresses complex supply chain visibility issues

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