Discovery Workshop - SAP GTS Edition for SAP HANA

Are you ready to embrace the future of SAP GTS with the latest SAP HANA 2023 edition?

SAP GTS Edition for SAP HANA heralds a new era in global trade software, harnessing the robustness of SAP HANA's architecture and enriched by the user-centric design of SAP Fiori Launchpad. This edition streamlines features without compromising on dependability. It also offers enhanced collaborations with other SAP solutions, making logistics processes more efficient and transparent.

ArchLynk offers specialized insights and evaluations via automated tools to ensure a seamless E4H upgrade journey. Register now for a 90-minute session with our experts on transitioning to SAP GTS Edition for HANA. Learn more about how our expertise can guide you through a seamless transition to the SAP GTS Edition for HANA 2023.

12 Good-Reasons-to-Move-to-SAP-GTS

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