Introducing Real-Time Integration (RTI)

SAP Real Time Integration is a newly released integration technology used to link SAP IBP Response & Supply module to either SAP ECC or SAP S/4 HANA. Its key advantage lies in enabling near real-time data exchange between systems, without the need for scheduling and executing batch jobs. Additionally, RTI supports both initial and delta loads, thus reducing the transfer times between the systems.

Benefits of Real Time Integration (RTI)

  • The system offers a near real-time mechanism for transferring master and transactional data between different systems.
  • RTI opens the door to key functionalities within order-based planning, such as Shelf-Life Planning and Transportation Load Building.
  • Supports both initial and delta load, therefore reducing transfer times between the system.
  • SAP Roadmap will extend RTI to time-series integration and to other non-SAP environments within the future releases

Why  Archlynk for your RTI integration?

  • ArchLynk is a preferred implementation partner for SAP IBP, offering a wealth of experience in the domain.
  • A proven track record of delivering successful projects for its clients.
  • ArchLynk's expertise in Real-Time Integration and its Adaptable Supply Chain can help businesses leverage Integrated Supply Chain Solutions.

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ArchLynk Journey toward RTI Integration