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October 21, 2021

About The Event

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Hear from Supply Chain customers, SAP Executives and Krypt Solution Experts on the latest industry trends, innovations and cutting edge technologies and how customers are using these to solve their supply chain challenges.

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Gagan Bhasin (Grey) Full Size
Gagan Bhasin
Vice President, Customer Success - Krypt
Rajen(Grey) Full Size-1
Rajen Iyer
Co-Founder & CTO - Krypt
Richard Grey
Richard Howells
Vice President,
Solution Management for Digital Supply Chain - SAP
Kate Grey
Katherine Kithcart
Export Manager, International Logistics - JBS USA
Prathvi Grey
Prathvi Kotian
Technology Analyst, SCM - JBS USA
Mert Grey
Mert Kutluay
Solution Architect - Krypt
Cam Grey
Cam Patters
Solution Manager - SAP
Hariharan (Grey) Full Size
hariharan subramanian
Delivery Director - Krypt
Jay Foster Grey
Jay Foster
Director, Solution Management - SAP
Andrei (Grey)
Andrei Colonescu
Solution Architect - Krypt
Jessica Langley Grey
Jessica Langley
Director of Sustainability -
Bill King Grey
Bill King
Director, SCE Solution Management - SAP
Adrian Yu Grey
Adrian Yu
Functional Consultant - Krypt
Matthew Druker Grey
Matthew Druker
Client Partner - Krypt
Lisa Grey
Lisa Entrekin
Director Logistics Technology and Network Optimization -
Mukesh Mahajan (Grey) 200x200
Mukesh Mahajan
Solution Director - Krypt

Agenda (PDT)

The Adaptable Supply Chain - Improving Resiliency and Agility of Your Supply Chain
The past couple of years have proven that a resilient and adaptable supply chain can make or break a company. With disruptions ranging from a global pandemic to a ship stuck in a canal, companies' supply chains must be prepared and agile in order to survive. Hear from Krypt and SAP executives on their perspectives on adaptable supply chains and how they can help customers survive and thrive in the face of catastrophes.
RAJEN IYER - Co-Founder & CTO | Krypt
RICHARD HOWELLS - Vice President, Solution Management for Digital Supply Chain | SAP
JBS USA Replaces In-House Legacy Application with SAP TM and SAP GTS to Streamline International Supply Chain
JBS USA is the largest protein company in the world, and largest exporter of refrigerated products in the USA. An in-house legacy application managing international shipments to 196 countries had manual processes and limited capabilities. JBS decided to implement SAP TM and SAP GTS with Krypt as implementation partner to streamline their international supply chain. In this session hear from JBS on the challenges they face, why they chose SAP GTS and SAP TM and what areas of improvements they envision for the future.
KATHERINE KITHCART - Export Manager, International Logistics | JBS
PRATHVI KOTIAN - Technology Analyst, SCM | JBS
MERT KUTLUAY - Solution Architect | Krypt
Leveraging Business Networks for Next Level Supply Chain Control and Resiliency
Recent history has taught us all that we could be managing our supply chains better. Maximizing the efficiency of your supply chain can make a huge difference in the bottom line of your company. In this session we will discuss how SAP and Krypt can help you leverage business networks such as SAP LBN to help you optimize your supply chain and be more resilient to future disruptions.
CAM PATTERS - Solution Manager | SAP
HARIHARAN SUBRAMANIAN - Delivery Director | Krypt
Networking Break
Demand Management with SAP IBP
Join us for this informative session on how SAP IBP for Demand can help businesses manage their demand. In this session we will discuss how SAP IBP helps businesses develop more accurate demand plans for better planning and execution processes, react faster to short-term demand changes with pattern-recognition-based algorithms in order to drive better fulfillment and inventory reduction and drive collaboration with the help of what-if capabilities to ensure the optimal forecast is deployed.
JAY FOSTER - Director, Solution Management | SAP
ANDREI COLONESCU - Solution Architect | Krypt
Supply Chain Sustainability and Resiliency Panel Discussion
Supply Chain sustainability and resilience have become important initiatives for companies around the world. The ever-increasing importance of sustainabilty has many supply chain managers looking at different ways to achieve these goals, while the ability to adapt and respond to disruptions in supply chains are causing these same companies to examine their resilience. Join this informative panel discussion and hear from customers and experts on how they are managing these initiatives and planning for the success of their supply chains in the future.
JESSICA LANGLEY - Director of Sustainability | JBS
BILL KING - Director, SCE Solution Management | SAP
ADRIAN YU - Functional Consultant | Krypt
MATTHEW DRUKER - Client Partner | Krypt
Albemarle's Digital Transformation in Logistics, Transportation, and Compliance
Albemarle is on a journey to harmonize transportation, improve logistics execution, and ensure trade regulatory compliance. Explore how integrating SAP TM, EWM, GTS and EHS has allowed Albemarle to achieve this transformation, all while improving processes, data management and analysis. In this session we will discuss Albemarle's journey, talk about the integration of SAP solutions and how it will help them achieve their goals.
LISA ENTREKIN - Director Logistics Technology and Network Optimization | Albemarle
MUKESH MAHAJAN - Solution Director | Krypt

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Authors: Rajen Iyer, Co-Founder and CTO, Krypt                                                                                                                                                                       Hariharan Subramanian, Delivery Director, Krypt

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