KAI’s proprietary Health Check tariff analysis looks for inconsistencies in your existing classifications, offers suggested tariff classification alternatives, and gives you insight into the integrity of your trade data that could be critical ahead of the 2022 tariff changes.

For companies, especially for the agricultural sector, chemicals, machinery, wood, metals, transport, and textiles industries, engaging in cross-border trade, take a close look at your classification processes & make sure you’re ready to classify correctly & compliantly when the HS 2022 amendments take effect on Jan 1.

As the year ends, your team may have additional funds left in the 2021 budget. Let Krypt’s partner Avyay Solutions provide you with a tariff classification health check. The classification automation engine, KAI, leverages cutting-edge AI technology to analyze, predict, and automate classification.

KAI can assist your company with the new tariff changes that will take effect on January 1st, 2022. Avoid double effort, inconsistency and reduce costs with KAI’s Health Check.

Cost: $10k (a $25,000 value)

Scope: Up to 1M items/products/SKUs (one country/tariff schedule, or global 6 digit). 

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